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Node.js Query String

The Node.js Query String provides methods to deal with query string. It can be used to convert query string into JSON object and vice-versa.

To use query string module, you need to use require('querystring').

Node.js Query String Methods

The Node.js Query String utility has four methods. The two important methods are given below.

Method Description
querystring.parse(str[, sep][, eq][, options]) converts query string into JSON object.
querystring.stringify(obj[, sep][, eq][, options]) converts JSON object into query string.

Node.js Query String Example 1: parse()

Let's see a simple example of Node.js Query String parse() method.

File: query-string-example1.js

Node.js query string example 1

Node.js Query String Example 2: stringify()

Let's see a simple example of Node.js Query String stringify() method.

File: query-string-example2.js

Node.js query string example 2
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