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Node.js vs PHP

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1. Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 so it is comparatively new. PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. So it has a glorious history of 20+ years.
2. Node.js is not a programming language itself. It is a platform which runs JavaScript on server side and come with some set of JavaScript functions, modules, helpers etc. PHP is a programming language, used to develop web applications..
3. Node.js uses Google's V8 JavaScript engine, which also powers client-side code in the chrome web browser.node.js platform. It has built-in libraries to handle web requests and responses so you don?t need a separate web server or other dependencies. PHP is processed by an interpreter normally installed as a module in a web server i.e. Apache or Nginx.
4. Node.js provides a wide range of new plugins that are designed according to the modern architectural approach. PHP is a simple and thin layer language with less variables and certain elementary functions. It is not good for lengthy and complex architectural website.

Although, Node.js and PHP both are open source, primarily aimed for web development but they have some distinctive features. In some aspects, the former is better and some ways, the later is.

Advantages of Node.js over PHP

  • Node.js is relatively new. So it provides a wide range of new plugins that are designed according to the modern architectural approach.
  • Node.js provides structure in programming which makes it easy to understand and maintain. This facilitates programmers to structure and make their task more organized.
  • Node.js is event driven and non-blocking so, speed (performance) is very high and this is the main advantage of using it.
  • Node.js can handle concurrent requests more than other web technologies due to its event-driven nature.
  • If you do something where you have many connections open at the same time then you must go with Node.js because it does not require a lot of memory and enhances speed.
  • Node.js is more secure than PHP. Actually the main issue with PHP is security threats and a lot of alternatives have been launched in past few years to overcome with this.

Advantages of PHP over Node.js

  • PHP is almost 20+ years old. It has a deep history in web development. On the other hand, Node.js is relatively new.
  • All the major CMS platforms, like, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, including their plugins are all written in PHP, making it easy to use and modify according to requirement.
  • PHP is a simple and thin layer language with fewer variables and certain elementary functions. While Node.js is more complex.
  • PHP is preferred to deal with less complex projects because it doesn't use any JAR files and compilers, it enables a developer to create a web application with simply an editor and PHP files.
  • PHP facilitates its developers to mix codes with content. You can simply open PHP tags and write codes without any need of templates or other files. It is very simple to learn and implement.
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