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Node.js vs Python

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1) Node.js is much faster than Python. Python is prettier than JavaScript. It is really fun to program in python if you don't like JavaScript. It also has many useful Language features that JavaScript does not have like Generators, Decorators, Classes etc.
2) Node.js is very popular in job market and growing day by day. It was initially released on 27 May, 2009. The foundation of python was started in late 80's and released on December 1989. So, it is very older than Node.js.
3) Node.js is using by very big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. Millions of active apps are built on various versions of JavaScript. There is not so craze for python now a day. Actually no other language ever had support like Node.js.
4) A developer who is working on a web project, must have the knowledge of Node.js because sooner or later he will have to deal with node because many tools like module loaders, CSS preprocessors, template engines, etc. are made to run on node. Python is an object oriented, strongly typed, multipurpose programming language which can be easily mixed up with C, C++, and JAVA etc.
5) Node.js supports callback. Its programming is based on event/callback which makes it faster but as well as harder to debug and maintain Python doesn?t support callback. It supports generators which makes it much simpler and concise.

Node.js Advantages over Python

    Following are some important features which makes Node.js more preferable over Python.

  • Node.js can be used for both client and server development.
  • Node.js uses Google chrome's V8 engine which makes its library very fast in code execution.
  • Node.js is well suited for asynchronous programming.
  • Node.js is getting popular day by day. It is now using by a lot of companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple etc.
  • Node.js uses non-blocking I/O throughout so, it is best option for creating real-time web application. For example: chat application. On the other hand, Python is best option for creating CRUD based web applications.

Python Advantages over Node.js

  • Python is an object oriented and multipurpose programming language which can be easily mixed up with C, C++, and JAVA etc. It is clean and contains many useful language features that JavaScript doesn't have like Generators, Decorators, and Classes etc.
  • If you are familiar with Python then you should use PyPy + Tornado. It is more beneficial , productive , and maintainable than using Node.js
  • Node.js claims that it is faster than Python but Python provides PyPy+ Tornado to overcome with this disadvantage.
  • Python is also using by a lot of internet companies now a day i.e. Quora, Nextdoor, Youtube , Pinterest, Slide Share, Apture, Disqus, Mochi Media etc.
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