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Tag Content Extractor Problem in Java

It is very interesting problem frequently asked in interviews of top IT companies like Google, Amazon, TCS, Accenture, etc. By solving the problem, one wants to check the logical ability, critical thinking, and problem-solving skill of the interviewee. So, in this section, we are going to solve how to extract content from tag in Java with different approaches and logic. Also, we will create Java programs for the same.

Problem Statement

In this problem, we have given a string of text (tag-based language), and our goal is to parse the text and retrieve the content. We retrieve the data enclosed within a sequence of the well-organized tags meeting the following criterion:

  1. The start and end tag names should be the same. For example, HTML code <h1>Test</h3> is considered as invalid code because it starts with h1 tag and ends with h2 tag.
  2. The content between nested tags is considered invalid. However, the tags can be nested.
  3. Any number of characters can be contained by tags.


Suppose, we have given the following text wrapped inside tags.

We have to opt the text from the tags like following.

There are several solutions to the Tag Content Extractor problem in Java programming. Let's understand each solution to the problem one by one:


Tag Content Extractor Problem in Java

Let's see another approach for the same.


Tag Content Extractor Problem in Java

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