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Apache Kafka Applications

The demand for Apache Kafka is increasing at a tremendous speed. Many best enterprises today make use of Kafka to ease and grow their data pipelining requirements.

There are following applications of Apache Kafka:

Apache Kafka Applications

Let's discuss each application one by one:


In 2010, LinkedIn developed Apache Kafka. As Kafka is a publish-subscriber messaging system, thus various LinkedIn products such as LinkedIn Today and LinkedIn Newsfeed use it for message consumption.


Uber use Kafka as a message bus to connect different parts of the ecosystem. Kafka helps both the passengers and drivers to meet to their correct matches. It collects information from the rider's app as well as from the driver's app, then makes that information available to a variety of downstream consumers.


Because Kafka has fulfilled the requirements of data replication and durability, twitter has become one of the best applications/users of Apache Kafka. Adopting Kafka led twitter to a vast resource saving, upto 75%, i.e., a good cost reduction.


Netflix uses Kafka under Keystone Pipeline. A Keystone is a unified collection, event publishing, and routing infrastructure used for stream and batch processing. The Keystone Pipeline uses two sets of Kafka cluster, i.e., Fronting Kafka and Consumer Kafka. Fronting Kafka gets the message from the producers. Consumer Kafka contains topics subsets which are routed by Samza (an Apache framework) for the real-time consumers. Thus, Kafka has maintained the cost by providing a lossless delivery of the data pipeline.


Apache Kafka has supported Oracle Database as a Kafka Consumer. It has also supported Oracle for publishing events to Kafka. Apache Kafka provides reliable and scalable data streaming. The oracle user can easily retrieve data from a Kafka topic. Oracle developers are now more capable of implementing staged data pipelines through OSB(Oracle Service Bus).


Mozilla Firefox is an open-source and free web browser to all. It supports Windows, Linux, macOS, and many other operating systems. Mozilla uses Kafka for backing up the data, i.e., used as a backing data store. Soon, Kafka is going to replace Mozilla's current production system for collecting performance and usage data from the end users for Telemetry, Test Pilot like projects.

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