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Apache Kafka Use Cases

Apache Kafka has the following use cases which best describes the events to use it:

1) Message Broker

Apache Kafka is one of the trending technology that is capable to handle a large amount of similar type of messages or data. This capability enables Kafka to give high throughput value. Also, Kafka is a publish-subscribe messaging system that makes users to read and write data more conveniently.

2) Metrics

Apache Kafka is used to monitor operational data by producing centralized feeds of that data. Operational data means monitoring things from technology to security logs to supplier information, and so on.

3) Website Activity Tracking

t is one of the widely used use cases of Kafka. It is because a website activity usually creates a huge amount of data, generating various messages for each particular page view and user's activity. Kafka also ensures that data is successfully sent and received by both parties.

4) Event Sourcing

Apache Kafka supports the collection of huge amounts of log data. Thus it becomes a crucial component for any Event Management System, which includes Security Information Event Management(SIEM). Handling large amounts of logs data make it an excellent backend for building an application.

5) Commit Logs

Apache Kafka is used for data replication between the nodes and to restore data on failed nodes. Kafka can also act as a pseudo commit-log. For example, suppose if a user is tracking device data for IoT sensors. He finds an issue with the database that it is not storing all data, then the user can replay the data for replacing the missing or unstored information in the database.

6) Log Aggregation

Several organizations make use of Apache Kafka to collect logs from various services and make them available to their multiple customers in a standard format.

7) Kafka Stream Processing

We have various popular frameworks that read data from a topic, process it, and write that processed data over a new topic. This new topic containing the processed data becomes available to users and applications such as Spark Streaming, Storm, etc.

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