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Features of Neo4j

Following is a list of prominent features of Neo4j:

Flexible Schema: Neo4j follows a data model called graph model. The graph contains nodes and the nodes are connected to each other. Nodes and relationships store data in key-value pairs known as properties.

ACID Property: Neo4j supports full ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability).

Scalability: Neo4j facilitates you to scale the database by increasing the number of reads/writes, and the volume without affecting the data integrity and the speed of query processing.

Reliability: Neo4j provides replication for data safety and reliability.

Cypher Query Language: Neo4j provides a powerful declarative query language called Cypher Query language. It is used to create and retrieve relations between data without using the complex queries like Joins.

Built-in Web applications: Neo4j also provides a built-in Neo4j browser web application which can be used to create and retrieve your graph data.

GraphDB: Neo4j follows Property Graph Data Model.

General Features:

  • It supports UNIQUE constraints.
  • It uses Native graph storage with Native GPE(Graph Processing Engine).
  • It supports exporting of query data to JSON and XLS format.
  • It provides REST API to be accessed by any Programming Language like Java, Spring, Scala etc.
  • It provides Java Script to be accessed by any UI MVC Framework like Node JS.
  • It supports two kinds of Java API: Cypher API and Native Java API to develop Java applications.

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