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Neo4j Data Model

Neo4j Database follows the Property Graph Model for storing and managing its data. Neo4j is a graph database which contains the following features of Property Graph Model.

  • The Graph model contains Nodes, Relationships and Properties which specifies data and its operation.
  • Properties are key-value pairs.
  • Nodes are represented using circle and Relationships are represented using arrow keys. Relationship specifies the relation between two nodes.
  • There are two types of relationships between nodes according to their directions: Unidirectional and Bidirectional
  • Each Relationship contains two nodes: "Start Node" or "From Node" and "To Node" or "End Node".
  • Both Nodes and Relationships contain properties.

Relationships should be directional in Property Graph Data Mode. If you create a relationship without a direction, it will through an error message.

There are three main building block of a GraphDB Data model:

  • Nodes
  • Relationship
  • Properties
Neo4j Data modelling
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