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Neo4j CQL Write Clauses

Index Clauses Usage
1. CREATE The CREATE clause is used to create nodes, relationships, and properties.
2. MERGE The MERGE clause is used to verify whether the specified pattern exists in the graph. if not, it creates the pattern.
3. SET The SET clause is used to update labels on nodes, properties on nodes and relationships.
4. DELETE The DELETE clause is used to delete nodes and relationships or paths etc. from the graph.
5. REMOVE The REMOVE clause is used to remove properties and elements from nodes and relationships.
6. FOREACH The FOREACH class is used to update the data within a list.
7. CREATE UNIQUE It is attained by using CREATE and MATCH. It provides a unique pattern by matching the existing pattern and creating the missing one.
8. Importing CSV files with Cypher The LOAD CSV clause is used to import data from .csv files.

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