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GraphDB vs NoSQL Database

Following are some points which specify why GraphDb is better than other NoSQL databases:

  • Most NoSQL databases store sets of disconnected aggregates. This makes it difficult to use them for connected data and graphs.
  • One well-known strategy for adding relationships to such stores is to embed an aggregate's identifier inside the field belonging to another aggregate - effectively introducing foreign keys.
  • But this requires joining aggregates at the application level, which quickly becomes prohibitively expensive.

See the use cases of different type of databases:

  • Relational database: It is represented in tabular form so it is best for calculating the income.
  • Key-Value Store: It is best for building a shopping cart.
  • NoSQL databases: It is stored as a document so, it is best for storing structured product information.
  • GraphDB: It follows a graph structure. It is best for describing how a user got from point A to point B.

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