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Neo4j General Clauses

Following is a list of some general clauses of Neo4j CQL:

Index Clause Usage
1. RETURN The RETURN clause is used to define what to include in the query result set.
2. ORDER BY The ORDER BY clause is used to arrange the output of a query in order. It is used along with the clauses return or with.
3. LIMIT The LIMIT clause is used to limit the rows in the result to a specific value.
4. SKIP The SKIP clause is used to define from which row to start including the rows in the output.
5. WITH The WITH clause is used to make two queries work together.
6. UNWIND The UNWIND clause is used to expand a list into a sequence of rows.
7. UNION The UNION clause is used to combine the result of multiple queries.
8. CALL The CALL clause is used to invoke a procedure deployed in the database.

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