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Create Relationship

CREATE statement is used to create relationship between nodes. These relationships define direction, type and form patterns of the data.

It defines mainly three things:

  • Creating Relationships
  • Creating Relationships between existing nodes
  • Creating relationships with label and properties

Creating Relationship

While creating a relationship, relationship should be specified within square braces "[ ]", depending on the direction of the relationship it is placed between hyphen " - " and arrow " ? " as shown in the following syntax.



Let's create two nodes "Raul" and "It" first and then specify the relationship between them.

Neo4j Create relationship 1

Now create a relationship "PLAYER_OF between these two nodes as ?


Neo4j Create relationship 2

You can also see it in tabular or text form:

Neo4j Create relationship 3 Neo4j Create relationship 4

You can also download (export) the graph in which format you want to save it. Click on the download button, see the example:

Neo4j Create relationship 5

Create a Relationship between existing Nodes

MATCH statement is used to create relationship between the existing Nodes.



Create a relationship using MATCH statement.


Neo4j Create relationship 6

Create a Relationship with Label and Properties

CREATE statement is used to create a relationship with label and properties.



Let's take an example to create a relationship for a node with label and properties using the CREATE statement.

First create a node "Kohli", having multiple labels

Then create some properties with the same node:

Neo4j Create relationship 7

Create another node "Ind":

Neo4j Create relationship 8

Now create a relationship with label and properties:

Neo4j Create relationship 9

Creating a complete path

In Neo4j, CREATE statement is used to create a path. A path is formed using continuous relationship.



First create a node3 name "Champions_Trophy" to do further operations.

Neo4j Create relationship 10

Now execute the following code:

Neo4j Create relationship 11
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