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How to turn off notifications in Chrome?

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Notifications are alerts or reminders that a user gets from various websites, applications or extensions. In Chrome, every website asks the user if they want to allow notifications from that site. In incognito mode, the user is not notified at all.

How to turn off notifications in Chrome

For a hustle free browsing experience, the user may want to partially block some sites from sending notifications while allowing others to notify. This is also possible while using Chrome. Google Chrome provides the feature of blocking notifications from certain websites and allowing them from others. If one wishes so, they can also block/allow notifications from all sites or applications.

Though for some specific website, notifications can be useful still sometimes it becomes necessary to block the notification from Chrome. In this article, we will be discussing the important steps to block notifications in Chrome on your Desktop as well as mobile.

Steps to Block Notification from Chrome on Desktop/Mobile

Step 1- Launch the Google Chrome app already installed on your system. Once it loads completely and the home page is open, search for the "Customize and control Google Chrome" menu denoted by ⁝ at right top-most corner.

Step 2- Click on the "Settings" option from the Dropdown menu.

How to turn off notifications in Chrome

Step 3- Then search and open the "Privacy and security" tab. A number of options are available to secure your browser from these buggy notifications. These include Clearing the browsed data, controlling information used and shown by websites via Site settings, etc.

How to turn off notifications in Chrome

Step 4- From the list of available options, click on the "Site settings" button.

How to turn off notifications in Chrome

Step 5- Select the "Notifications" 🔔 option from the given options.

How to turn off notifications in Chrome

Step 6- Now, there are multiple ways to block/allow notifications on your browser.

  1. To Block/Allow all notifications- To do so, turn-on/turn off "Sites can ask to send notifications". This can be done by clicking on the switch button next to it.
  2. To block a particular website- To do so, corresponding to the "Block" option, click on "Add". Enter the provided URL of the desired website you wish to block and click "Add".
  3. To allow a particular website- To do so, corresponding to the "Allow" option, click "Add". Enter the URL of the visited website that you want to allow and click "Add".
  4. To allow faster and no time notification prompts- It can be easily done by allowing the "sites to ask to send notifications" and then clicking on "Use quieter messaging (blocks notification prompts from interrupting you)".

It will disable notifications from a website if the user ignores multiple notifications from that site. It will also block the coming useless notifications if other server usually doesn't allow notifications from a visited website.

Similarly, any application or extension sending you notifications can also be blocked.

How to turn off notifications in Chrome
How to turn off notifications in Chrome

Click on the "Remove" option to stop notifications for that website. You can follow and repeat the process for any websites or services you wish to stop receiving Google Chrome notifications for.

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