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Java JRootPane

JRootPane is a lightweight container used behind the scenes by JFrame, JDialog, JWindow, JApplet, and JInternalFrame.

Nested Classes

Modifier and Type Class Description
protected class JRootPane.AccessibleJRootPane This class implements accessibility support for the JRootPane class.
protected class JRootPane.RootLayout A custom layout manager that is responsible for the layout of layeredPane, glassPane, and menuBar.


Modifier and Type Field Description
static int COLOR_CHOOSER_DIALOG Constant used for the windowDecorationStyle property.
protected JButton contentPane The content pane.
protected Container defaultButton The button that gets activated when the pane has the focus and a UI-specific action like pressing the Enter key occurs.
protected JMenuBar menuBar The menu bar.
protected Component glassPane The glass pane that overlays the menu bar and content pane, so it can intercept mouse movements and such.
static int ERROR_DIALOG Constant used for the windowDecorationStyle property.


Constructor Description
JRootPane() Creates a JRootPane, setting up its glassPane, layeredPane, and contentPane.

Useful Methods

Modifier and Type Method Description
protected void addImpl(Component comp, Object constraints, int index) Overridden to enforce the position of the glass component as the zero child.
void addNotify() Notifies this component that it now has a parent component.
protected Container createContentPane() It is called by the constructor methods to create the default contentPane.
protected Component createGlassPane() It called by the constructor methods to create the default glassPane.
AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext() It gets the AccessibleContext associated with this JRootPane.
JButton getDefaultButton() It returns the value of the defaultButton property.
void setContentPane(Container content) It sets the content pane -- the container that holds the components parented by the root pane.
void setDefaultButton(JButton defaultButton) It sets the defaultButton property, which determines the current default button for this JRootPane.
void setJMenuBar(JMenuBar menu) It adds or changes the menu bar used in the layered pane.

JRootPane Example


Java JRootpane

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