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Linux Error Redirection

2> stderr

Command '2>' redirects the error of an output.It helps us you to keep our display less messy by redirecting error messages.


Linux Error Redirection1

Look at the above snapshot, by using command "zcho hyii 2> /dev/null" (here echo command is wrong), we didn't get any error message. But when we use command "zcho hyii" error message is displayed in the terminal. Hence, '2>' redirects the error message in the mentioned directory keeping your terminal error message free.


This command helps in redirecting the stdout and stderr in the same file.


Linux Error Redirection2

Look at the above snapshot, 'abc.txt and error.txt' is directing to the same file 'newfile.txt'.

Note: Order of redirections is really important.

If you'll write:

then, stdout and stderr both will be directed to the file dirlist.

But if you'll write:

then, only stdout will be redirected to dirlist. This is because, before the stdout is redirected to dirlist, stderr has made a copy of stdout.

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