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Materialize CSS Buttons

Materialize CSS provides different CSS classes to apply various predefined visual and behavioral enhancements to the buttons. Let's see those various classes and their effects.

Index Class name Description
1) btn It is used to set button or anchor as a materialize button, required. It also sets raised display effect to a button.
2) btn-floating It is used to create a circular button.
3) btn-flat It is used to set flat display effect to a button, default.
4) btn-large It is used to create large buttons.
5) disabled It is used to create a disabled button.
6) type = "submit" It is used to represent an anchor or button as a primary button.
7) waves-effect It is used to set ripple click effect, can be used in combination with any other classes.


Let's take an example to demonstrate the use of mdl-button classes to show different types of buttons.

Test it Now


Materialize Buttons 1
Materialize Buttons 2

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