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Pandas Series.std()

The Pandas std() is defined as a function for calculating the standard deviation of the given set of numbers, DataFrame, column, and rows. In respect to calculate the standard deviation, we need to import the package named "statistics" for the calculation of median.

The standard deviation is normalized by N-1 by default and can be changed using the ddof argument.



  • axis: {index (0), columns (1)}
  • skipna: It excludes all the NA/null values. If NA is present in an entire row/column, the result will be NA.
  • level: It counts along with a particular level, and collapsing into a scalar if the axis is a MultiIndex (hierarchical).
  • ddof: Delta Degrees of Freedom. The divisor used in calculations is N - ddof, where N represents the number of elements.
  • numeric_only: boolean, default value None
    It includes only float, int, boolean columns. If it is None, it will attempt to use everything, so use only numeric data.
    It is not implemented for a Series.


It returns Series or DataFrame if the level is specified.






sub1_Marks    6.849574
sub2_Marks    4.924429
dtype: float64 

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