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Portable Cameras vs. Digital Cameras

The man who builds first portable camera was Mr. Johann Zahn. In initial days, the size of cameras was big and heavy too. So, it becomes impossible to take it anywhere. In the late 19th century, the portable cameras were introduced by Mr. Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke. It was a portable camera but was heavy in size. So, they work further to find the ways that they can resize the camera.

Origin of photography

In the 19th century camera, Obscura was introduced by a scientist but its actual use was done by Mr. Roger Bacon, an English philosopher to catch the solar eclipses pictures.

Portable camera

Today, there is a long list of portable cameras but if we talk about old ones then we come to know that it works on the principle of a pin hole camera. In a very dark room, images of illuminated objects penetrate through a very small hole. On the opposite wall, you will see the objects, in its proper form and colour. In a reversed position, its size got reduced due to the intersection of rays.

Examples of portable cameras are Leica ad Argus, analog CCTV cameras, etc.

Digital camera

In 1991, Sony Company launched their first digital camera that was Mavica, a magnetic video camera. In this camera, the images were stored in floppy disks and later seen on any computer screen. It was not a fully digital camera but due to its image storing capacity, it comes in highlight and it had a 0.3 megapixel capacity of capturing photos.

Later on, with the changing technology new high pixels camera got introduced and they come under a fully digital category.

Features of digital camera

  • Resolution of the camera is very high
  • Maximum Lens aperture
  • Lens zoom range
  • High Lens quality
  • In-camera Software

A large number of the applicator are governed under digital image processing. Almost in every field DIP is using in order to get the images.

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