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Robotics hardware designing using Eagle Software

Robotics hardware designing

This software is Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor (EAGLE) used for PCB designing. To design an electronic circuit schematic and layout on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) eagle software is used.

Eagle is a PCB design software package consists of a PCB editor, a schematic editor and an auto router module. This software also provides wide variety of library components, but library editor is also provided for design new parts or modify the existing one.

Why use Eagle:

Eagle is PCB CAD software used for designing hardware of the system. Consider the few reasons why Eagle is preferred over other hardware designing tools:-

  • Lightweight - It is lightweight software which requires anywhere from 50-200MB of disk space. The installer package is about 25MB. So you can download to install to run for making a PCB very quick.
  • Cross-platform - Eagle can run on Windows, LINUX, MAC. This is a feature not too many other PCB design software provide.
  • Free/Low-Cost - The free version of EAGLE provides enough utilization for designing of any PCB using toolbar of software.

Drawing the Schematic:

Using this software we can draw the schematics of Power Supply, an Atmel AtMega16 Microcontroller, LCD, Motor Driver IC (L293D) and remaining I/O- pins connected to headers.

Consider the Eagle Toolbar for editing the schematic of the circuit is,

Robotics hardware designing2

Using the above tools the desired operation can be performed for drawing schematic structure of the circuit. When adding the components you will notice a small black cross on each device. It is the origin or handle of the device used for manipulate the device with various tools.

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