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Types of Robots

1) Mobile Robots

Mobile robots are able to move from one location to another location using locomotion. It is an automatic machine that is capable of navigating an uncontrolled environment without any requirement of physical and electromechanical guidance devices. Mobile Robots are of two types:

(a) Rolling robots - Rolling robots require wheels to move around. They can easily and quickly search. But they are only useful in flat areas.

Types of Robot1

(b) Walking robots - Robots with legs are usually used in condition where the terrain is rocky. Most walking robots have at least 4 legs.

Types of Robot2

2) Industrial Robots

Industrial robots perform same tasks repeatedly without ever moving. These robots are working in industries in which there is requirement of performing dull and repeated tasks suitable for robot.

An industrial robot never tired, it will perform their works day and night without ever complaining.

Types of Robot3

3) Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots are self-supported. They use a program that provides them the opportunity to decide the action to perform depending on their surroundings.

Using artificial intelligence these robots often learn new behavior. They start with a short routine and adapt this routine to be more successful in a task they perform. Hence, the most successful routine will be repeated.

Types of Robot4

4) Remote Controlled Robots

Remote controlled robot used for performing complicated and undetermined tasks that autonomous robot cannot perform due to uncertainty of operation.

Complicated tasks are best performed by human beings with real brainpower. Therefore a person can guide a robot by using remote. Using remote controlled operation human can perform dangerous tasks without being at the spot where the tasks are performed.

Let's see a NASA robot designed to explore volcanoes via remote control:

Types of Robot5

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