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Power supply

Power supply is the circuit used for converting 220V AC signal to 5V or 10V DC signal required for operation of robot electronic circuit.

Start drawing the power supply in upper left corner of the frame in Eagle software. According to below circuit diagram,

Robotics Power Supply1

Then use add-command to add the components and use the net-command to draw the connections.

Consider the schematic representation of power supply circuit on eagle software is,

Robotics Power Supply2

Use name command to rename the components.

Use smash command to detach the name and value texts from component and it allow them to be positioned with the move-command

Use value command to change the value of a component.

Consider the PCB board layout after completing the routing between the terminals is,

Robotics Power Supply3

After completion of board layout it is run to generate PDF. The PDF generated is used for taking the printout of above layout on Over Head Projector sheet (known as OHP sheets) or a wax paper for designing a PCB board.

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