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Difference between Spring Cloud and Spring Boot

Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud is a framework that provides facilities to use cloud services in your application. When it is used with Eureka, it acts as a container orchestration tool. The framework that provides an enterprise-level framework for integrating and managing container at scale is called container orchestration tool. It gives a developer-friendly environment for developing and deploying microservices.

Advantages of Spring Cloud

There are following advantages of Spring Cloud:

  • Cloud-native based development
  • Microservice-based architecture
  • Inter-service communication
  • Follows the Spring Boot model
  • It is cloud-agnostic

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a Rapid Application Development platform. It uses various components of Spring framework. It is a framework to develop Restful API and microservices quickly. It is similar to Spring framework but comes with some features like auto-configurators, starters, cli, etc.

Advantages of Spring Boot

  • We can quickly develop and run standalone web applications and microservices at very less time.
  • It automatic configures Spring functionality whenever required.
  • The beans are initialized, configured and wired automatically.
  • Embedded server avoid complexity in deployment.
  • It provides no XML based configuration.
  • It provides opinionated 'starter' POMs to simplify your Maven configuration.
  • It provides production ready features such as metrics, health status, and externalized.
  • Embed Tomcat, Jetty directly. There is no need to deploy WAR files.

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