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Docker Useful Commands

Docker is natively Linux based software so that it provides commands to interact and work in the client-server environment.

Here, we have listed some important and useful Docker commands.

Check Docker version

It shows docker version for both client and server. As given in the following image.

Docker Useful commands 1

Build Docker Image from a Dockerfile

-t : it is used to tag Docker image with the provided name.

Run Docker Image

-d : It is used to create a daemon process.

Check available Docker images

Check for latest running container

-l : it is used to show latest available container.

Check all running containers

-a : It is used to show all available containers.

Stop running container

container_id : It is an Id assigned by the Docker to the container.

Delete an image

Delete all images

Delete all images forcefully

-r : It is used to delete image forcefully.

Delete all containers

Enter into Docker container

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