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In order to access the SharePoint Online, there is no need to install any software on your computer because the SharePoint 2019 provides a web-based platform that can be easily accessed using the web browser.

There are the following steps to access SharePoint Online (Enterprise level SharePoint and Office 365) on your computer.

Step 1: Go to Internet Explorer, Chrome, or any other browser and copy-paste the following link given below or you can simply click on the following link:
Login to SharePoint

Step 2: The following window appears click on the Free trial.

Login to SharePoint 1

Step 3: Once you click on Free trial, the following page appears in which Enter your email address, then click on the Next.

Login to SharePoint 2

Step 4: Now, verify your e-mail address. If it is correct, then click on the Set up account. Otherwise, click on the Not you? And re-enter your e-mail address.

Login to SharePoint 3

Step 5: After clicking on the Set up account, you will see the following page in which fill the required information and click on the Next.

Login to SharePoint 4

Step 6: To prove that you are not a Robot, select either text me or call me to receive the OTP then click on the Send verification code.

Login to SharePoint 5

Enter the generated OTP and click on Next.

Step 7: Now, create your business identity by providing the name for your domain, followed by and click on Check availability. If the name is available, then you will see the message "your domain is available" in this case, you just simply click on the Next. Otherwise, an error message will appear.

Note: In our tutorial business name is onlinetutorial.

Login to SharePoint 6

Step 8: Create your user ID and password to sign in your account and click on the Sign up.

Login to SharePoint 7

The below screenshot shows your Sign-in page id and your user ID click on the Go to Setup.

Login to SharePoint 8

Step 9: Open the Internet Explorer, Chrome, or any other browser and type the link to enter in Sign-in page.

Login to SharePoint 10

Step 10: Enter the password then click on the Sign in.

Login to SharePoint 11

Step 11: Once you Sign in successfully, you will be present at the Office 365 Home page.

Login to SharePoint 12

Note: The Enterprise level SharePoint includes various software together like SharePoint OneDrive, Office suite (Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint), and many other software.

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