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Types of SharePoint

There are three main types and versions to start working on SharePoint.

  1. SharePoint Foundation
  2. SharePoint Server
  3. Office 365

1) SharePoint Foundation

SharePoint Foundation is used to build a standard web-based collaboration platform, secure management, and communication solution within the organization.

There are the following features of SharePoint Foundation:

  • It is used to reduce implementation and deployment resources.
  • It provides effective document and task collaboration.
  • It offers features to secure your organization's important business data.
  • It provides PowerShell support.
  • It provides basic search operations.

2) SharePoint Server

SharePoint Server offers the additional features of the SharePoint Foundation. It provides a more advanced collection features that you can use to utilize your organization's solutions.

Some additional features of SharePoint Server are given below:

  • SharePoint allows you to create and publish web content without writing any complex code.
  • SharePoint uses Enterprise Services that allows you to quickly and easily build custom solutions.
  • SharePoint Server allows the more advanced features that can be implemented with the environment.
  • SharePoint Server allows you to connect with external data sources and display business data via Web portals, SharePoint lists, or user profiles.
  • It provides enterprise search.

Note: SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server are free for on-premises deployment.

3) Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based multiplatform designed to help your business grow. It provides various apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

The key features of Office 365 are given below:

  • Office 365 allows you to communicate and collaborate with co-workers, anywhere, anytime.
  • It provides better security.
  • It provides a simple way of creating workflows for projects.
  • Using office 365, you can insert links to stored files instead of sending entire files to co-workers, business partners, and friends.

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