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Optimistic Meaning

We all are very familiar with the word obsessed. But often people are confused about the obsession that they should consider it as a good feeling or a negative feeling or what does it mean?

A State of mind where one generally trusts or expects that something good to happen. It means hoping or believing that a good thing will happen in the future. For example, even when it is clear to someone that he may not succeed, he was putting effort to achieve his goals or accomplish a task. So, it is the propensity to look at the positive side of life, even in adverse circumstances.

It does not denote avoiding problems and barriers and acting ignorant, but being optimistic means showing great intelligence and cunning. An optimistic person thinks that no matter what the problem is, it can enhance things. It is essential to be a stable optimist.

An optimistic person should use his intelligence and takes a step to ensure that everything will be good. Also, he avoids negative thoughts and believes that nothing wrong will happen in the future. An example of an optimistic person is someone who believes that they will get a promotion and everything will turn out well.

Meaning of optimism in a social context

A better social context can reduce a child's risk of depression by promoting a sense of belonging and optimism. Optimism is linked with a warm and dominant interpersonal approach. It is also linked to higher levels of social support and marital satisfaction. The optimism of the early 1960s was gone.

History of Optimistic

The term optimistic quickly appeared in the English language in the early 1880s, but it was only after the 1870s that the term became universally used. It arises from the Latin adjective 'optimus,' which indicates best. The noun 'optimum,' which is used at present to express the best result of circumstances.

Importance of being optimistic

Being optimistic makes a person enthusiastic and more active. It allows following the objective for aspiration, assurance, and satisfaction to improve the entire life as it helps to focus on the goal and make each day happier. Natural optimism refers to accepting troubles and obstacles without panic. Through this attitude, people will find solutions with courage, joyful and practical points of view. Optimism can also protect the immune system from psychological stress.

How to be optimistic?

People should accept that converting mental health takes time, so it's better to be gentle or patient. Exercise daily and eating well will make a difference in the body. In free time listening to music, watching T.V., talking to a friend, cooking or reading books, whichever makes a person happy can be beneficial. Besides this, making a list of inspiring quotes and reading them every day can also help.

Furthermore, always be positive even in the worst situation. One can make changes in looks and in dressing so that person can feel more confident and optimistic. Also, have sufficient sleep at night. If a person doesn't get enough sleep, he may get irritated or annoyed. Taking sufficient sleep will make a person active and optimistic. Thinking about the past creates unhappiness so learn to accept and move forward in life and be in the company of optimistic people.

How can optimism help protect against doubt and despair?

Doubt and sadness can make an individual feel like whatever they try is in vain and that an unfavorable outcome is already predetermined. Optimism gives confidence that makes people believe that they have more freedom and have some ability to improve their situations.

Who is more likely to be optimistic, men or women?

When we compare those men and women who are at the same level of optimism, we can see that they are in the same position, sharing the same level of work. However, in most of the studies, it has been found that men were optimistic than women especially in the matters related to the economy.

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