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Overwhelmed Meaning

Word: Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed means:

  • to use a great deal of force to defeat someone or something
  • to make someone experience a strong feeling in an unexpected way


The prefix over- was combined with the verb whelmen, which also meant "to overturn," to create the word, which originally meant "to overturn or upset." In English, whelm has persisted as a verb that is basically equivalent to overwhelm.


  • Defeat
  • Bury
  • Overflow
  • Destroy
  • Overpower
  • Engulf
  • Overrun


  • Encourage
  • Lose
  • Fail
  • Uncover
  • Surrender
  • Forfeit

Opposite word

The opposite word of overwhelmed is: Underwhelm


Let's consider some sentences consisting of 'overwhelmed' words.

  1. To overwhelm opponents, the boxer used his power, pace, and pressure.
  2. The flowers and notes of support I received were overwhelming.
  3. The flooding was caused by unusually heavy rain, which overwhelmed the sewer system.
  4. Hospitals would be overwhelmed if a large number of people were injured.
  5. Government troops have overwhelmed the rebels and seized control of the capital.
  6. She nearly burst out laughing, overwhelmed by her duty and uneasy at the stranger's home.
  7. Darian overcame emotions as he remembered how much he adored Claire and how many nights he had spent in her bed.
  8. He was overwhelmed with guilt.
  9. She looked about, overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to find her own way west.
  10. I'm now feeling overwhelmed by the weight of marriage's responsibilities.

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