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Patriarchy Meaning

It is a system of society or government where men hold the primary power of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege, and property control. In the family domain, fathers dominate or hold authority over women and children. The female alternative is a matriarchy.

What is Patriarchy?

The term 'Patriarchy' comes from the Latin 'Pater' (Father) or(figures) and 'arch' (rule). 'Rule of father' was the appropriate definition of Patriarchy. It is a function of males' physical, social, economic, and political power. Females and children suffer from subordination to men.

The term patriarchy was used to explain the autocratic rules by the male head of the family. Man makes all decisions in both societies, and in their family, and holds all positions of power and authority.

The patriarchy typically based on the principle of domination in which senior males dominates other members including other males, females not only in the family but also in the tribe.

Few Definitions of Patriarchy

"Patriarchy is defining as a system of social structure and practices, in which males dominate, oppress and exploit women." (Wably, 2010)

"Patriarchy is a set of social relations between men and it has a material base and creates interdependence or solidarity among men through hierarchies which enable men to dominate others." (Hartmann, 1981)

Characteristics of Patriarchy

  1. Male Dominance
  2. Male identification
  3. Male centeredness
  4. Obsession with control
  5. Oppression of women

Merits of Patriarchy

  1. The family's head is already decided, so less chances of dispute and doubts.
  2. Women are free from the burden of leadership or responsibilities and thus can easily focus on their primary tasks such as nurturing children, preparing food, etc.
  3. Many women feel valued for their unique contribution to the patriarchal system.
  4. It creates a structured society and assigns a proper place and role to everyone.
  5. There is only one head (a male) who guides and directs all family members and also motivates them to serve others and perform better.

Demerits of Patriarchy

  1. In the Patriarchy system, women are wholly neglected, and their development path is blocked.
  2. Women are not provided the equal status to men.
  3. This system completely disregards the role of women.
  4. Women have to bear exploitation and harassment.
  5. Women are not involved in the decision-making.

Feminist Analysis

Feminist theorists have extended the meaning of male-centric culture to portray a foundational predisposition against ladies. As second-wave Feminist Analysis inspected society during the 1960s, they noticed families headed by ladies and female pioneers. They were worried about whether this was phenomenal. More critical, in any case, was how society saw ladies in power as a particular case for an aggregately held perspective on ladies' jobs in the public eye. Maybe then saying that singular men abused ladies, most Feminist Analyses saw that mistreatment of ladies came from the basic predisposition of a man-centric culture.

How does Patriarchy affect young girls around the world?

The Patriarchal society shows girls that they will never be independent and will always depend on men. A Patriarchal society shouldn't restrict their minds. Numerous young ladies are forced into child marriage, domestic work, and wedding oppressive and entitled spouses since they haven't been instructed that they are sufficient and can overcome these Patriarchal beliefs.

How to change the male-controlled society:

Now challenging Patriarchy has been progressing for endless ages. It will take a lot more before it can be wiped out completely. However, there are various alternatives all of us can require to stand up against the arrangement of male-controlled society, regardless of what field or season of life we might be in.


Patriarchy is the base of the world's issues, i.e., war, colonization, assault, sexism, prejudice, destruction of the climate, alleged "homegrown" brutality, psychological warfare, erotic entertainment, sexual bondage, kids killing, children's one-party rule, strict enthusiasm, and homophobia. It's anything but a period for all ladies and men to rise and join their voices, hearts, and minds to change what doesn't serve life. So, the Patriarchal occasion in humanity's set of experiences should conclude.

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