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What is the full form of AAI

AAI: Airport Authority of India

AAI stands for Airport Authority of India. It works under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. It is responsible for creating, maintaining and upgrading the civil aviation infrastructure in India. It performs a number of duties which include managing 125 Airports, air navigation services, managing the Air traffic over Indian airspace and bordering oceanic areas, etc.

Fullform Aai

Airport Authority of India was established when International Airports Authority of India (IAAI) was merged with National Airports Authority (NAA) by an Act of Parliament in April 1995.

AAI has also established four training centers which are as follows;

  • The Civil Aviation Training College (CATC) at Allahabad
  • National Institute of Aviation Management and Research (NIAMAR) at Delhi
  • Fire Training Centers (FTC) at Delhi and Kolkata

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