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What is the full form of MMS

(i) MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service. It is an enhanced version of SMS (Short Message Service) which supports multimedia messages. MMS provides a standard way to send and receive multimedia messages which includes images, graphics, audio files, video clips, rich text etc. The MMS can only be used in devices which supports this service. These devices may be mobile phones, smart phones, personal computers, handheld devices etc. MMS can be used on GPRS and 3G network both. GPRS handled MMS are slow and takes longer time on the other hand 3G handled MMS are fast and also support video streaming.

MMS full form


Multimedia Messaging Service was first developed as a captive technology. It makes easy to share images, audio and video files. China was the first and most successful commercial market for MMS in the earliest time but, between 2010 to 2013 MMS traffic increased very rapidly in US.

(ii) Microsoft Media Server

Microsoft Media Server is a network-streaming protocol, serves to transfer unicast data in Windows Media Services. MMS is deprecated by Microsoft in the favor of RTSP.

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