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What is the full form of PNR

PNR: Passenger Name Record

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a record of the passenger stored in the database of a computer reservation system (CRS). It is used by railways and airlines to store records of the passengers who are going to travel with them. It contains passenger's personal records like name, address, phone number etc.

The concept of PNR was first introduced by Airlines to collect the passenger's information in the case if he/she takes more than one flights to reach his/her destination. This makes the whole process very easy and time saving.

PNR full form

Parts of a PNR

There are five parts of a PNR required for a successful booking. They are:

  1. Name of the Passenger/ Passengers.
  2. Contact details of airline office /train reservation office/ travel agent.
  3. Complete information of passenger. (In the case of many passengers, complete details of at least one passenger).
  4. Ticketing details like: Source, Destination, Age, Name, Fare details etc.
  5. Name of the person providing the information or booking the ticket.

Where is PNR stored?

Most of the Airlines and travel agencies choose to host their PNR databases with a Computer reservation System (CRS) or Global Distribution System (GDS) companies. These companies are Galileo, Worldspan, Amadeus, Sabre etc.

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