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What is the full form of OPD

OPD: Outpatient Department

An OPD is a hospital department designed to be a first contact point between the patient and the hospital staff. A Patient who goes first time to the hospital, he directly goes to OPD and then the OPD decides to which department a patient should go.

Generally an OPD is constructed on the ground floor of any hospital and divided into several parts like Neurology department, Orthopedics department, Gynecology department, General medicine department etc. Here the patient completes all the formalities and then go the respective department.

Outpatient: An Outpatient is the patient who is not hospitalized for 24 hours or more but visits the hospital or clinic for treatment or diagnosis.

Inpatient: An Inpatient is the patient who is admitted in the hospital for overnight, several days or week.

OPD full form
Acronym Expansion
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