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What is the full form of MD

(i) MD: Doctor of Medicine

MD stands for doctor of Medicine. MD originally taken from the Latin word "Medicinae Doctor" which simply means "Teacher of Medicines". MD is the highest academic degree in the field of Medicine. The MBBS degree holders earn this degree to get distinction in the field of medicine and surgery. MD is the one of the two Doctoral degree for physicians provided by most medical colleges in different countries including US and Canada.

MD full form

Career after MD

After completing MBBS and MD, You are able for a range of practice setting like, private practice, government and private hospitals, public health organization, army etc. In India, Doctors get a lot of respect and money. It is a very respectful and soul satisfying job.

(ii) MD: Managing Director

Managing Director is generally the most senior corporate officer in a business organization. He is responsible for all the daily operation of the company. An MD works as a link between the employees and board of directors of a company.

MD full form

Responsibilities of an MD

The responsibilities of the MD are set by the board of directors of the organization. An MD works as a director, decision maker, leader, manager, executer etc. MD also advices the board of directors, motivates employees and drives changes in the organization.

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