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Miscellaneous Full Forms List

Miscellaneous contains various acronyms which are important to know. A list of top miscellaneous full forms are given below:

AcronymFull Form
ADAnno Domini
AM and PMAM: Anti Meridiem, PM: Post Meridiem
CCCubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter, Carbon Copy
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
DJDisc Jockey
ICUIntensive Care Unit
INDIANo, but can be termed as Independent National Democratic Intelligent Area
LOVENo, but can be Life's Only Valuable Emotion, Long Lasting Original Valuable Emotion
MISManagement Information System
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
NGONon-Governmental Organization
OPDOutpatient Department
OKOlla Kalla or Oll Korrect
PNRPassenger Name Record
RIPRest In Peace, Routing Information Protocol
TRPTelevision Rating Point
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