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What is the full form of CNG

CNG: Compressed Natural Gas

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It mainly comprises methane gas which can produce engine power after it is mixed with air and fed into an engine's combustion chamber. So, it can be used as a substitute for Diesel, Petrol and Propane/LPG. It is effective to control air pollution because it produces fewer undesirable gases in comparison to Diesel, Petrol and LPG. So it is more environment-friendly than other fuel products. It is safer than its other substitutes in the case of the spill because it is lighter than air and disperses quickly when released.

CNG full form

Brief History of CNG:

The use of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles was introduced in the late-1800s. The first Natural Gas Vehicle was patented in the USA and soon after the Second World War, Italy and various other European countries adopted CNG as a primary fuel.

CNG is found over oil deposits. It also can be collected from landfills and wastewater treatment plants. It is made by compressing natural gas to less than one percent of its standard atmospheric pressures. It is stored and distributed in very hard spherical or cylindrical containers at the pressure of 20-25 MPa.


CNG is used in internal combustion engines which are modified or manufactured for CNG use. It is generally used in Buses in all over the world. In India, it is used in Buses as well as in three-wheeler Autos. Its use as a vehicle fuel was introduced late in the eighteenth century and the first Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) was patented in the U.S. After World War II, It was accepted as a main source of fuel by Italy and some other European countries.

Properties of CNG

  • Colorless
  • Tasteless
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • 40% lighter than air
  • High ignition temperature

Advantages of CNG

  • It is cheaper than its other substitutes e.g. Petrol and Diesel which are used to run buses, cars and other automobiles.
  • The maintenance cost for the vehicles that run on CNG is low as compared to the vehicles run on Petrol and Diesel.
  • It is more environment-friendly because it emits less undesirable and harmful gases than other substitutes i.e. Diesel and Petrol.
  • It enhances the life of lubricant oils because it does not contaminate and dilute the crankcase oil.
  • It provides a high auto-ignition temperature of 540 degree Celsius or more.
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