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What is the Full Form of AFCAT

AFCAT: Air Force Common Admission Test

AFCAT stands for Air Force Common Admission Test. In February and August, the test is administered annually to select Class-I Officers for Flying and Ground Duty (Technical and Non-Technical). Male and female applicants can apply for the AFCAT. The Indian Air Force is responsible for giving the examination. The Indian Air Force hires candidates through the AFCAT test for the following branches:

  • Airborne Branch
  • Technical Ground Duty Branch
  • Branch of Ground Duty (Non-Technical)
AFCAT Full Form

Who Is Eligible to Take the AFCAT Exam?

The exam is administered twice a year. To locate competent people for flying and ground duty in technical and non-technical disciplines, the Indian Air Force must publish AFCAT eligibility in the official announcement each year. The AFCAT eligibility 2022 paper includes information on the minimum educational prerequisite, nationality, marital status, AFCAT age restriction, and physical and medical standards for male and female applicants for various roles and branches.

The Indian Air Force decides what is required to be eligible for AFCAT. Candidates for the AFCAT must fulfil the requirements for Air Force eligibility to apply. Check out the linked website for further information on the AFCAT exam.

In the official notice, IAF specifies the AFCAT qualifying requirements in great detail. Following the official AFCAT Notification 2022, you may discover the eligibility requirements for the AFCAT Exam for the Flying branch and Ground Duty Staff on this website. Candidates might examine the AFCAT Notification in-depth for pertinent information.

Age Limit, Marital Status, and Gender are the four AFCAT eligibility criteria. Nationality/Citizenship of AFCAT Educational Requirements for AFCAT AFCAT Physical/Medical Requirements Through an official release, the Indian Air Force extends an invitation to candidates to register for the AFCAT exam and details the conditions that candidates must meet to be eligible to join the Air Force.

AFCAT Qualifications

AFCAT Full Form


Candidates keen to join the Air Force can spread their wings through AFCAT. Suppose they meet the requirements of the AFCAT, their dream. Therefore, before applying, candidates are recommended to review the age and educational qualifying requirements listed by the authorities for each category.

AFCAT Exam Eligibility Requirements
Organization Conducting Indian Air Force
AFCAT Nationality Indian
AFCAT Marital Status Unmarried
AFCAT Gender Men and Women
AFCAT Maximum Age Flying Branch: aged 20 to 24
20 to 26 years for ground duty
AFCAT Educational Requirements 60% on the 10+2 math and physics exams and a Graduate
Physical Eligibility for AFCAT Height:
Branch in the Air - 162.5 cm
Groundwork (Tech-Non tech)
Person -157.5 cm
Women - 152 cm

Candidates must go through the AFCAT Eligibility process because they will not imply the issuance of an Admit Card alone. The IAF's is the final approval of the candidate's candidacy to the candidate.

The original documentation is a reference for the Air Force as it validates qualifying standards. Verification will be finished if a candidate succeeds on the written exam and the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) Test. The conducting body has the authority to reject an applicant's application if it turns out that they don't satisfy the qualifications during the hiring process. If the applicant is already chosen, they might be fired from their position if it happens.

Candidates can visit the official website for AFCAT Curriculum & Exam Pattern for a thorough topic-by-topic syllabus and a list of essential literature.

Eligibility Standards for Air Force Selection: AFCAT

As the AFCAT Notification for this year is not yet released, the qualifying requirements based on the AFCAT Notification of this year are listed below but have not yet been issued. Examine the specifics based on the crucial factors, then review the qualifying requirements for each post.

AFCAT Nationality

The Indian Citizenship Act of 1955 stipulates that to apply for the AFCAT test, a candidate must be an Indian national.

AFCAT Marital Status

Candidates under the age of 25 cannot be married when training begins. Underage widows and divorcees are not eligible. Candidates who are married and older than 25 may apply. However, they will not be considered. During the training, they will only be permitted to reside in marital accommodations and cannot live with their families off-campus.

AFCAT Maximum Age

AFCAT Full Form

Below is a list of the minimum ages necessary to apply for the flying branch. The AFCAT is quite stringent regarding age limitations and carefully examines each document an applicant submits during the verification stage.

AFCAT Eligibility (Flying Branch): The AFCAT flying branch's minimum and maximum age standards must be met by both male and female applicants. The minimum age is twenty. The maximum age is twenty-four. The candidate's birthdays must fall between July 02, 1999, and July 01, 2003.

Technical/Non-Technical AFCAT Ground Duty: For ground service, there are different minimum and maximum ages than for flying branches. The technical and non-technical eligibility for the AFCAT is covered by the age range given below. The minimum age is 20. 26 is the maximum age (Candidate must have been born between July 02, 1997, to July 01, 2003). The Air Force has a uniform age requirement for applicants via AFCAT and NCC Special. The exact AFCAT age restriction is shown below.

Air Force Age Restrictions for NCC & AFCAT Entry: Age requirements for NCC entrance are 20 to 24 years (at the time of commencement of the course). The maximum age for applicants with a DGCA (India)-issued commercial pilot valid and active licence is lowered to 26 years (at the time of commencement). AFCAT's age range is 20 to 24 years (at the time of commencement).

AFCAT Eligibility for the Air Force's Flying Branch

The following paragraphs cover how to qualify for the AFCAT exam for the Flying Branch through NCC Special Entry and AFCAT Entry. The AFCAT age range for men and women is 20 to 24. Men and women of either gender may apply. The IAF's Permanent Commission (for men) or Short Service Commission is open to both genders.

Marital Status

Those applying must be unmarried and under 24. The same AFCAT educational requirements apply whether you enter through NCC Special Admission or AFCAT admission for the Flying Branch. Check out the details below.

  • Qualifications for the Flying Branch for AFCAT Eligibility in Education is that the Math and physics should both call for a minimum of 50% to pass at the 10+2 level.
  • Graduating (from a three-year degree) in any discipline from an approved institution with a minimum grade point average of 60% or an equivalent is required. A minimum grade point average of 60% or an equivalent is required for an accredited university's BE/B Tech (Four Year courses).
  • It is necessary to receive at least a 60% on Sections A and B of the Associate Membership of the Institute of Engineers (India) or the Aeronautical Society of India from a recognized university.

Flying Officer AFCAT Qualifications: NCC Special Entry

If a candidate has an Air Wing Senior Division "C" Certificate from the National Cadet Corps, they may apply to the Flying Branch of the Indian Air Force. Both single men and women may apply. Men can receive a Permanent Commission, and both men and women can receive a Short Service Commission.

Flying Officer Eligibility: AFCAT Entry

Applications are accepted only for Short Service Commissions (SSC) in the Flying Branch via AFCAT. Both single men and women can apply for the Air Force's SSC. The Flying branch's short service commission is only good for 14 years and cannot be extended.

The following criteria must be met to be admitted to the Flying Branch through AFCAT.

Nationality through NCC Special Entry/AFCAT Entry for the Flying Branch

Any applicant who plans to apply for the Air Force test via the AFCAT announcement must be an Indian national.

Note - Students in their final year or semester can also apply if they do not have any backlogs at the time of the AFSB Testing. By the time stated in the posting, they must also deliver a degree certificate from the university. The NCC Air Wing Senior Division "C" certificate's expiration date is two years before the publication date of the advertising.

There are three ways for applicants who have finished their undergraduate or graduate studies to join the Flying Branch of the Air Force Academy:

  • Via the CDS test, for which UPSC issues notifications between November and August. Candidates may read more about CDS eligibility here.
  • The Indian Air Force posts recruitment announcements in June and December for AFCAT Entry and NCC Special Entry, respectively.
  • Along with the NCC Special Entry, the IAF releases the information to the public twice a year in June and December.

AFCAT Eligibility for the Air Force's Ground Duty Technical Branch

The Indian Air Force has established the following qualifying requirements for the Ground Duty Technical Branch

AFCAT Age restriction

Technical Branch members in the Indian Air Force must be between the ages of 20 and 26 when the training begins to be eligible for Ground Duty. Men and women of either gender may apply. The IAF's Permanent Commission (for men) or Short Service Commission is open to both genders.

Marital Status

Candidates who are under 25 years old must be single.

AFCAT Education Requirement

The following constitutes the Ground Duty (Technical Branch) officers' AFCAT eligibility requirements.

For Electronics in Aeronautical Engineering

An electronics candidate must have completed either of the following educational requirements and have at least 50% in mathematics and physics at the 10+2 level.

  • A minimum of a four-year degree in engineering or technology with an integrated postgraduate certification from an accredited university OR passed the Associate Membership Section A and B exams for the Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Passed the Aeronautical Society of India's Section A and B test, OR With a minimum of 60% marks or the equivalent in the following fields, candidates must pass the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers graduate membership examination.

For Mechanical in Aeronautical Engineering

A mechanical candidate must have at least 50% in both physics and math at the 10+2 level and have undergone any of the aforementioned educational requirements.

  • A minimum of a four-year degree in engineering or technology with an integrated postgraduate certificate from an accredited university, OR passed the Associate Membership Section A and B exams for the Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Passed the Aeronautical Society of India's Section A and B test, OR with a minimum of 60% in any engineering subject or the equivalent

Air Force Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Eligibility for AFCAT

AFCAT Full Form

The following are the requirements for applicants who want to join the Air Force as Ground Duty Non-Technical Officers:

Officers joining the non-technical branch of the Indian Air Force must be between the ages of 20 and 26 (at the beginning, of course). Men and women can apply. Short Service Commission (for Men & Women). Permanent Commission (for Men).

Marital Status

Candidates who are under 25 years old must be single.

AFCAT Education Qualification

With those, as mentioned earlier, minimal educational requirements, Graduate/Post Graduate applicants can enlist as officers in any of the following Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branches:

Branch of Administration: Graduate Degree (3-year degree program) in any field with 60% or above from an accredited institution, OR Obtaining at least 60% in part A Pass the section B test from an authorized university for Associate Membership in the Institution of Engineers (India) or the Aeronautical Society of India.

Division of Logistics: A graduate degree (three years) in any discipline from an authorized university with a minimum grade point average of 60%, OR Achieving a minimum score of 60% on parts A and B of the Associate Membership of the Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India examination taken at an institution of higher learning with accreditation.

Accounts Department: B.Com. Degree (a three-year program) from an approved institution of higher learning or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 60%.

Division of Education: A 10+2 diploma with a 60% average in any topic and a postgraduate degree with a 50% average in any discipline, including integrated programs with single and lateral entry degrees without authorization to leave.The minimum duration must follow current UGC criteria for integrated courses (single degrees without exit permission and lateral entrance). Students must receive a minimum of 50% on the combined total of all their examinations.

Meteorology Division: Any scientific-related postgraduate degree, as well as degrees in math, statistics, geography, computer applications, environmental science, applied physics, oceanography, agricultural meteorology, ecology and environment, geophysics, and environmental biology, are acceptable. All applicants must have received an overall grade of at least 50% on all Post Graduate papers (with a minimum grade of 55% in Math and Physics if studied at the Graduate level).

Medical and Physical Standard for AFCAT

AFCAT Full Form

To apply for the AFCAT exam, applicants must be in good physical and mental health. Candidates must also be healthy and unaffected by any conditions. The IAF urges applicants to have a physical check before submitting the AFCAT online application form to avoid rejections at a later time. All branches, except aircrew, must meet the same basic medical fitness standards. However, the requirements for visual acuity, anthropometry, and a few other physical standards are more stringent.

Important details about physical standards

Candidates should practice running, skipping, push-ups, and sit-ups to meet the physical standard. Candidates may individually train using the schedule below:

  • Skipping
  • One set of twenty sit-ups and push-ups.
  • Chin-ups: 8
  • Running 4 km in 15 minutes.
  • Rope Climbing for 3-4 Meters
  • Swimming 25m

Physical condition

The candidates must be able to do 10 push-ups, 1.6 kilometres of running, and three chin-ups. To participate in the many exams, the Air Force Selection Board offers, applicants must be physically fit before coming in for the SSB interview.

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