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What is the Full Form of ANI

ANI: Asian News International

ANI stands for Asian News International. Asian News International is an Indian news agency that offers various news and videos related to the public interest. The Asian News International feeds information to many News bureaus in India and other Asian countries.

Asian News International has a vast network of reporters spread throughout the globe, particularly in Asian countries. It is the first Indian news agency to syndicate news, and in the year 2019, it became the biggest News Agency in India.

Many other competitors earlier criticized Asian News International (ANI) for the agency serving as a propaganda tool for the incumbent Government; the organization was also criticized for distributing fake news and video clips and misreporting government events.

ANI came under the News Media Type of Industry category founded on December 9, 1971, approximately fifty years from now, in New Delhi. Mr. Prem Prakash was the founder of Asian News International, and its headquarters is in New Delhi.

Mr. Sanjiv Prakash is the present CEO of ANI, and Mr. Prem Prakash is currently serving as the Chairman of Asian News International. Usually ANI has spread its reporters in almost every part of the world. Still, it mainly works in India and South Asian countries. The official Website of Asian News International is aninews.In It works under ANI Media Private Limited.

ANI Full Form

Establishment of Asian News International

Mr. Prem Prakash started his career with the famous News agency "Reuters" this agency was then owned by Thomson Reuters Corporation". When there was no major News Agency central ear competition, this corporation hired 602 photojournalists and 2550 journalists around 202 different places across the globe, and Mr. Prakash was among those 602 photojournalists. He was instructed to capture the essential Historical places in India.

Mr. Prem Prakash, at that time, became the most crucial figure in News in India and Film Making in 1970. Mr. Prem Prakash is now respected among foreign journalists, and Film Makers from India and other parts of Asia have started appreciating him for his work.

Later, Mr. Prem Prakash was awarded MBE. This award was given to those who contribute to the field of science and art and work with a charitable or a Welfare organization or a public service outside the civil service.

In 1971, Mr. Prem Prakash launched his own News Agency and named it Asian News International. At that time, it was only the Television News Features agency; Agency got a boost during the Congress rule.

TVNF became controversial because of its blind support to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of the Congress government by showing its positive image in front of the nation and among foreign countries; later, Asian News International started producing short films and movies for Door darshan. After some time, Asian News International get a monopoly over its production sector.

In 2000 Indian News Agency saw a boom in private news channels. Still, the major problem with these private news channels was that they did not have enough capital and resource so they can get news from almost all parts of the nation; this was the time when Asian News International got a spark, and they started selling information and video footage to these private channels.

In the year 2000 Central government started a new regional news channel for the people of Kashmir, and Asian News International maintains its production sector. In 2005, the progress graph of Asian News International was at a constant level; the company was not making any progress because of its limited staff, small office building, and many other reasons, so Asian News International shifted its office from Gole Market to a new five Storey building in R.K.Puram. Even the UPA government showed complete faith in Asian News International (ANI).

Controversies for Asian News International (ANI)

Fact-checkers from many countries certified by IFCN (International Fact-Checking Network) accused Asian News International (ANI) of distributing or spreading false news.

Asian News International became controversial for hiding the facts and news regarding government functionality in different states and the impact of government policies on the citizens.

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