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What is the full form of BSF

BSF: Border Security Force

BSF stands for Border Security Force. It is a paramilitary force of India. Its main duty is guarding India?s land border during peace and prevent the transnational crime. At present, it is the world?s largest border guarding force. It is also one of the five Central Armed Police Forces of India and is under the administrative control of Home Ministry. It is headquartered at New Delhi. As of July 2017, Devendra Kumar Pathak is the chief of BSF.

Fullform Bsf

Brief History

Till 1965, the State Armed Police Battalion was guarding the borders. When Pakistan attacked Sardar Post, Chhar Bet and Beria Bet in 1965, the State Armed Police was not able to handle the situation. So, the Government of India planned to establish armed and trained Border Security Force. After the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries, the BSF was established on 1 December 1965 to ensure the security of borders and handle the issues related to borders. The first chief of BSF was Mr. K F Rustamji.

BSF Tasks

BST performs different tasks in peace time and war time.

In peace time, the tasks are as follows:

  • To provide protection and promote a sense of security among the people near the border areas.
  • Prevent unauthorized entry or exit from the border
  • Prevent trans border crimes and illegal activities like smuggling

In war time, some of the major tasks are as follows:

  • To protect the vital installations like air-fields from the enemy commandoes, para troopers, etc.
  • To provide the extension to the flanks of main defence line
  • To perform special tasks entrusted to BSF by the army
  • To guide the army in the areas where routes are known
  • To guard the prisoners of war cages
  • To perform anti-infiltration activities in the areas specified by the army.

BSF achievements

  • Every year, it contributes a number of BSF personnel for the UN Mission services.
  • BSF has emerged as an elite force of the country. It excelled with distinction in the 1971 war with Pakistan. Its ethos is "Any task, anytime, anywhere" and its motto is "Duty Unto Death".
  • During Kargil War in May-July 1999, the BSF helped Army to defend the Kargil hills and won the war.
  • For the last two year, the BSF is taking care of the internal security in Manipur and successfully fighting the insurgency.
  • When the earthquake hit the Gujarat in 2001, the BSF personnel were the first to reach there to help the distressed people and save lives.
  • BSF personnel restored the peace and brotherhood among the people during communal disturbances in Gujrat.
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