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What is the full form of CHO

CHO: Community Health Officer

CHO stands for Community Health Officer. Community Health Officer is a very important post under the National Health Mission like Ayushman Bharat Scheme. The community health officer is a very important and responsible job basically they are the front workers in the rural areas where doctors are not easily available for treatment. The Community Health Officer provides the health facilities in the rural areas, conduct the OPDs in the villages and also gives advice to pregnant women thus they play a very vital role in rural areas.

CHO Full Form

Need of CHO (Community Health Officer)

Now a day after launching many NATIONAL HEALTHS MISSION by the government like the AYUSHMAN BHARAT SCHEME the vacancy for the post of Community Health Officer has also increased, and every state in INDIA recruits CHO for strengthening their primary health care services.

They help the rural people basically the villagers in the following manner:

  1. They run the OPDs in rural areas.
  2. They give the proper medical advice to the pregnant women which was earlier very difficult for the villagers to take proper medical advice.
  3. They also give medical advice to lactating women and also give them proper medical treatment whenever required.
  4. They give the first treatment to the rural people.

Eligibility to Become a Community Health Officer

To become the Community Health Officer the candidate must fulfil the required qualifications which are as follows:

  1. To become a Community Health Officer, a candidate must have a graduation degree in B.Sc Nursing or post-basic B.Sc Nursing or have a degree in GNM (General nursing and midwifery) from a recognized institute.
  2. The candidate applying for community health officer must be registered in the concerned state nursing council and also possess a valid registration certificate.
  3. The candidate applying for community health officer whether male or female their age should not be more than 35 years. (Age varies from state to state)
  4. Apart from the above-mentioned qualifications, the candidate must have 2 years of experience in the health and medical sector to become a community health officer.

If a candidate has all these qualifications, then He or She can apply for the Community health officer exam.

How to become a community health officer? How the placement is done?

First, the candidate has to pass the 12th class with PCB (Physics, Chemistry and biology) subject, after that the candidate has to do the B.Sc nursing or GNM (General Nursing Midwifery) course from a recognized institute in the country. After that, the candidate has to clear the recruitment exam that is being conducted by the state.

Then after clearing the exam for Community Health Officer, the candidate will be given a 6-month training and after that, the Candidate get a job in the Health and Wellness centre.

Also, the candidate can choose the Health and Wellness centre according to his/her ease to work. The candidate has to select the Health and Wellness centre while they were filling their form for Community Health Officer.

Salary of CHO

Now it comes to knowing what will be the salary of the Community Health Officer. As discussed above the candidate after clearing the entrance exam for CHO were sent for training for 6 months. They were also given a salary every month as Stipend.

After completing the training, the candidate gets Rs25000 as a salary. But if the candidate is doing good work in his/her respective area then he /she will get an increment amount of Rs15000. Additional allowances are also given to Community Health Officer. The salary of the Community Health Officer varies from state to state.

  1. The salary of the CHO in Karnataka is Rs 32000 per month.
  2. The salary of CHO in Madhya Pradesh is Rs 40000 per month.
  3. The salary of CHO in Uttar Pradesh is Rs 25000 per month.
  4. The salary of CHO in Chhattisgarh is Rs 31500 per month.

As the guidelines of the Government are being changed from time to time, so according to the current guidelines by the Government under the AYUSHMAN BHARAT SCHEME, it has been declared that if a person works as a Community Health Officer for 6 years or completed his/her tenure of 6 years then he/she will be made permanent by the government. Further, as the Candidate completes his/her tenure of 6 years then he/she will get a promotion by participating in the competitive examination.


Community Health Officer (CHO) are the people which plays a key role in strengthening our rural areas. The Community Health Officer is also known as the Mid-level Health Provider. The Community Health Officer is enough capable to provide promotional, preventive and rehabilitation care in villages or rural communities.

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