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What is the full form of COB

COB: Close of Business

COB stands for Close of Business. It is also referred to as the end of business and end of day. It refers to the point in time when a company gets closed for the day. For example, if your office opens at 9:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm then you can consider 6:00 pm as COB. And, suppose your boss wants you to complete the presentation before COB then it means, you are asked to complete the presentation same day before the office gets closed at 6:30 pm.

COB full form

COB has no legal or enforceable meaning so its meaning may vary from one industry to the other industry. For example, in financial markets, it is also used to point to the end of a trading day. COB timings also vary from country to country and industry to industry. In the US, COB is usually at 5:00 pm and in the UK, it is typically at 5:30 pm. Most of the people generally use COB instead of EOD (end of the day) as EOD is midnight (23:59 pm) when everyone has left the office or gone home.

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