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What is the full form of DIG

DIG: Deputy Inspector General

DIG stands for Deputy Inspector General. It is a one- star rank in the Indian Police Service. This is a senior rank than Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). An officer holding this position works under the Inspector General of Police (IG) or Joint Commissioner of Police. This is a post of an IPS officer holding 3 stars on his uniform.


The Pay-Scale of DIG varies from Rs. 37400 - Rs. 67000 with a grade pay of Rs. 8090.

Functions of DIG

Deputy Inspector General of the Police provides assistance to the Inspector General of the Police in the supervision and controlling of the Police force in his area. He has certain powers to maintain the efficiency and discipline in the Police force within his area and reports the result to the inspector General of the Police.

Job relation with District Magistrate

The Deputy Inspector General of Police acts as a representative of the Inspector general of Police on his behalf, while dealing with the District Magistrate. He solves the cases which are within his competence and forwards the rest of the cases to the Inspector General of Police to seek his opinion. If there is any difference between the opinion of the DIG and District Magistrate then the case is forwarded to Inspector General of Police and he proves the final solution or decision.

How to Become DIG

The candidate who wants to become the DIG has to first appear in the Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC. After clearing the exam, the candidate becomes the IPS officer and undergoes the specified training as IPS officer. When the IPS officer completes the training, he or she is appointed as an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) or Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). Afterwards, on the basis of experience, track record and performance, he or she is promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP), and then to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), and then to the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).

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