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What is the full form of DNS

DNS: Domain Name System

DNS stands for Domain Name System. The internet world is completely based on IP (Internet Protocol) address. To access any website you need to know its IP address which is a long numeric code and is not possible to learn. Now, here comes the role of DNS. A DNS is an internet service that translates a domain name into corresponding IP address. Domain name used here is alphabetic and can be easily remembered.

For example, is a domain name of a site. And with the help of DNS it will get translate into its IP address

How DNS works

DNS works with the help of DNS servers. When a user enters the domain name into the web browser, the request goes to the DNS server. The DNS server determines the IP address using a look-up table. Then it sends the requested information to user?s web browser through proper servers.

Furthermore, a DNS system has its own network. If one DNS server does not know how to translate a particular domain name, it will ask another server, then another server, and so on, until they find out the correct IP address. A DNS server holds a list of all IP addresses along with its domain names, which can be retrieved when required.

DNS full form


  • The messages are delivered to users with zero downtime.
  • Automatically corrects the typos.
  • In case of maintenance or downtime the requests are answered by the closest node through Anycast technology.


  • DNS server gives a high performance and user interface. User interface has to handle a vast number of DNS.
  • DNS has a distributed database.
  • Additional records are also stored in DNS database.
  • It contains number of record types to facilitate other applications. For example, Mail Exchanger (MX) record.
  • Any application which uses internet to connect from two or more host to share some information relies on DNS.
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