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What is the full form of ECC

ECC: Excise Control Code

ECC stands for Excise Control Code. It is a PAN based 15 digit alpha numeric registration numbers given to all who is liable to pay excise duty under Central Excise Act.

First 10 digit of the code will be same as PAN digit of the concerned person. The next two characters will be alphabet which could be:

XM-Central Excise Manufacturer

XD-Registered Dealer

The last three characters could be 001, 002, 003 .

ECC: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Central Component

SAP ECC is well known software containing several modules, used by the organizations to have a control over their business process. These modules communicate with each other to give a complete integrated solution to their customers.


  • It helps collect and organize data from different departments of an organization.
  • It ensures coordination among different departments of an organization.
  • It allows an organization to standardize and automate its business processes.
  • It ensures all departments are working with the same data and same key performance indicators.

Modules that come under ECC are:

  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Human Capital Management
  • Logistics
  • Material Management
  • sales and Distribution
ECC full form

ECC: Error Correcting Code

ECC is a memory used to detect and correct internal errors. Mainly it is found in the computers where a slightest error can change the whole output such as in scientific computing. They can detect and correct error up to one bit per word, but in more than one bit, it can only detect errors. It is widely used in the field of data storage and network transmission as an increase in data rate tends to increase corresponding errors.

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