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What is the full form of ECC

ECC: Excise Control Code

ECC stands for Excise Control Code. It is a PAN-based 15-digit alphanumeric registration number given to all who are liable to pay excise duty under Central Excise Act.

The first ten digits of the code will be the same as the PAN digit of the concerned person. The next two characters will be alphabet which could be:

  • XM-Central Excise Manufacturer
  • XD-Registered Dealer
  • The last three characters could be 001, 002, 003.

Where Can Someone Find Their Excise Control Code?

  • Filling out the registration form required by the Act is the first step. The people who work in the production of clothing and tobacco should fill out Forms A2 and A3, respectively. Form A1 must be completed by all other companies.
  • The properly completed forms must be submitted with the necessary supporting documentation, such as the company's PAN card, proof of address for the Registered Office and Head Office (if different), bank statements for the previous two months, copies of registration certificates from the customs department for the import-export code and VAT, the MoA and AoA of the company or partnership deed, and a list of excisable goods to be used in manufacturing and trading, among other things.
  • The Authority will examine the same and, if necessary, request more information if the information supplied is insufficient.
  • Within seven days after the application form's acceptance, if the supporting documentation is sufficient and acceptable, the approval of registration (A certificate) will be given.
  • Unless it is cancelled or suspended by law, the number so allocated will remain in effect forever.

ECC: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Central Component

SAP ECC is well-known software containing several modules used by organizations to have control over their business process. These modules communicate with each other to give a completely integrated solution to their customers.


  • It helps collect and organize data from different departments of an organization.
  • It ensures coordination among different departments of an organization.
  • It allows an organization to standardize and automate its business processes.
  • It ensures all departments are working with the same data and the same key performance indicators.

Modules that come under ECC areh3>
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Human Capital Management
  • Logistics
  • Material Management
  • sales and Distribution
ECC full form

ECC: Error Correcting Code

ECC is a memory used to detect and correct internal errors. Mainly it is found in computers where the slightest error can change the whole output, such as in scientific computing. They can detect and correct errors up to one bit per word, but in more than one bit, they can only detect errors. It is widely used in the field of data storage, and network transmission as an increase in data rate tends to increase corresponding errors.

Error-correcting code types

  • Block codes and convolution codes are the two basic categories into which ECCs may be divided.
  • Block codes: The message is broken up into fixed-sized bits, to which extra bits are added for error detection or repair.
  • Convolutional codes: The data streams in the message can be of any length, and parity symbols are produced by sliding a Boolean function across the data stream.

Often Used Error Correcting Codes

There are four error-correcting codes that are often used:

  • Hamming codes: This type of block coding can identify and fix single-bit faults as well as up to two simultaneous bit errors.
  • In the binary convolution code, an encoder transforms an input series of bits into an output sequence of bits.
  • These are block codes called Reed-Solomon codes that may fix burst defects in the incoming data block.
  • Block code designated by a parity-check matrix with a low density of 1s is known as a low-density parity check code. They work well with big block sizes in extremely noisy channels.

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