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Framework7 Calendar/ Datepicker

Calendar is a component in Framework7 which facilitates you to handle dates easily and can be used as an inline or as an overlay component. The overlay calendar will be converted to popover on tablets automatically.

You can create and initialize calendar by using JavaScript. You have to use the related App's method as shown below:

myApp.calendar(parameters): This method returns initialized calendar instance. It accepts an object as paramaters.

Usage of Calendar

There are mainly three types of usage of calendar in Framework7:

Index Calendar Description
1) Calendar Parameters Framework7 provides a list of parameters, which are used with calendar.
2) Calendar Methods & Properties Once you initialize the calendar, it provides you an initialized instance variable to use the calendar methods and properties.
3) Access to Calendar's Instance It is possible to access the calendar instance from its HTML container when you initialize the calendar as inline.

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