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Framework7 Forms

Framework7 Forms are used to interact with users and collect data from the web users using text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons etc. Framework7 provides different types of form elements to work with the applications smoothly.

Some of them are specified below:

Index Overlay Type Description
1) Form Elements Form elements are used to make good looking form layouts.
2) Checkboxes and Radios The list view extension facilitates you to create checkbox and radio inputs in Framework7.
3) Smart Select Smart select provides an easy way to change form select to dynamic pages by using groups of checkboxes and radio inputs.
4) Disabled Elements The elements can be disabled by applying the disabled class to the element or adding disabled attributes for form element.
5) Form Data Framework7 has some useful methods, which makes working with forms easy.
6) Form Storage It is easy with the form storage to store and parse forms data automatically on Ajax loaded pages.
7) Ajax Form Submit Framework7 allows you to send data automatically using Ajax.

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