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Framework7 Form Elements

In Framework7, form elements are used to make a good looking form layout.

Following is a list of some supported form elements in Framework7:

Index Form Element Structure Description
1) All text inputs ...
... ...
Supported types: text, password, email, tel, url, date, number, datetime-local
2) Select ...
Used to select items.
3) Textarea ...
List View element with textarea should have additional "align-top" class on
  • 4) Resizable Textarea ...
    Resiable textarea. Just add "resizable" class to textarea and it will resize automatically depending on its content
    5) Switch (Checkbox) ... ... Switch (Checkbox) requires additional wrapper.
    6) Slider (Range input) ...
    Slider (Range input) requires additional wrapper.

    Types of Form Elements

    Index Form Element Type Description
    1) Full Layout The full layout type is used when we want to display whole form element.
    2) Icons and Inputs The icons and input fields are used in the form layout to make an elegant look.
    3) Labels and Inputs Labels can also be used along with the input fields in the form layout.
    4) Just Inputs Framework7 allows you to use only input fields with the form elements.
    5) Inset You can make the form elements inset by using the inset class.

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