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Photo Browser Methods & Properties

Once you initialize the photo browser, you can initialize instance variable to use the photo browser methods and properties.

Photo Browser Properties

Index Properties Description
1) myPhotoBrowser.swiper It holds initialized swiper instances with every available swiper methods and properties.
2) myPhotoBrowser.container It is the DOM7 element with photo browser container HTML element.
3) It contains true, if photo browser is in exposition mode.
4) myPhotoBrowser.activeIndex It is the index number of the currently active slide.
5) myPhotoBrowser.params It is the object with passed initialization parameters.

Photo Browser Methods

Index Method Description
1); It is used to open the photo browser on photo with index number. If index is not specified then, last closed photo will be opened.
2) myPhotoBrowser.close(); It is used to close the photo browser.
3) myPhotoBrowser.toggleZoom(); It toggles the zoom of currently active slide.
4) myPhotoBrowser.toggleExposition(); It is used to toggle the exposition mode.
5) myPhotoBrowser.enableExposition(); It is used to enable the exposition mode.
6) myPhotoBrowser.disableExposition(); It is used when you want to disable the exposition mode.

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