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Framework7 Overlays

There are several types of overlays provided by Framework7 to work with the application smoothly.

Following is a list of some Framework7 overlays:

Index Overlays type Description
1) Modal Modal is a small window that display the content from separate sources without leaving the parent window.
2) Popup Popup is a popup box which displays the content when the user clicks on the element.
3) Popover To manage the presentation of temporary content, the popover component can be used.
4) Action Sheet The Action Sheet is used to present the user with a set of possibilities for how to handle a given task.
5) Login Screen Overlay login screen is used for displaying the login screen format which can be used in page or popup or as a standalone overlay.
6) Picker Modal Picker modal is used to pick some custom content which is similar to the calender picker.

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