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In Framework7, picker is a very powerful component which facilitates you to choose any values from list and also used to create custom overlay pickers. It looks like iOS native picker.

Picker can be used as inline component or as overlay. The overlay picker will be automatically converted to Popover on tablets (iPad).

You can create an initialize the JavaScript method by using the following syntax:

Here parameters are required objects, used to initialize the picker instance and it is a required method.

Picker Parameters

Following is a list of available parameters in Picker:

Index Parameter Type Description
1) container string or HTMLElement String with CSS selector or HTMLElement used to generate Picker HTML for an inline pickers.
2) input string or HTMLElement The related input element placed with the string with CSS selector or HTMLElement.
3) scrollToInput boolean It is used to scroll viewport (page-content) of input, whenever picker is opened.
4) inputReadOnly boolean Used to set the "readonly" attribute on specified input.
5) convertToPopover boolean It is used to convert the picker modal to Popover on large screens like iPad.
6) onlyOnPopover boolean You can open the picker in Popover by enabling it.
7) cssClass string To picker modal, you can use additional CSS class name.
8) closeByOutsideClick boolean You can close the picker by clicking outside of picker or input element by enabling the method.
9) toolbar boolean It is used to enable the picker modal toolbar.
10) toolbarCloseText string Used for Done/Close toolbar button.
11) toolbarTemplate string It is toolbar HTML Template, by default it is HTML string with the following template:

Specific Picker Parameters

Following is a list of some specific picker parameters:

Index Parameter Type Description
1) rotateEffect boolean It enables 3D rotate effect in picker.
2) momentumRatio number When you release picker after fast touch and move, it produces more momentum.
3) updateValuesOnMomentum boolean Used to update pickers and input values during momentum.
4) updateValuesOnTouchmove boolean Used to update pickers and input values during touch move.
5) value array The array has its initial values and also each array item represents the value of related column.
6) formatValue function (p, values, displayValues) The function is used to format the input value, and it should return new/formatted string value. The values and displayValues are array of related column.
7) cols array Every array item represents an object with column parameters.

Picker Parameter Callbacks

Following is a list of callback functions available in pickers:

Index Callbacks Type Description
1) onChange function (p, values, displayValues) The callback function will be executed whenever the picker value changed and the values and displayValues are arrays of related column.
2) onOpen function (p) The callback function will be executed whenever picker is opened.
3) onClose function (p) The callback function will be executed whenever picker is closed.

Column Parameters

When Picker is configured, we have to pass cols parameter. It is a represented as array, where each item is object with column parameters.

Index Parameter Type Description
1) values array You can specify the string columns values with an array.
2) displayValues array It has array with string columns values and it will display value from values parameter, When it not specified.
3) cssClass string The CSS class name used to set on column HTML container.
4) textAlign string It is used to set text alignment of column values and it could be "left", "center" or "right".
5) width number Width is calculated automatically, by default. If you need to fix column widths in picker with dependent columns that should be in px.
6) divider boolean It is used for column that should be visual divider, it doesn't have any values.
7) content string It is used to specified divider-column (divider:true) with content of the column.

Picker Properties

Following is a list of Picker properties:

Index Property Description
1) myPicker.params You can initialize passed parameters with object.
2) myPicker.value The selected value for each column is represented by an array of item.
3) myPicker.displayValue The selected display value for each column is represented by an array of item.
4) myPicker.opened When picker is opened, it sets to true value.
5) myPicker.inline When picker is inline, it sets to true value.
6) myPicker.cols The Picker columns has its own methods and properties.
7) myPicker.container The Dom7 instance is used for HTML container.

Picker Methods

Following is a list of some useful methods of picker variable.

Index Method Description
1) myPicker.setValue(values, duration) Use to set new picker value. The values are in array where each item represents value for each column. Duration: It is transition duration in ms.
2) Use to open Picker.
3) myPicker.close() Use to close Picker.
4) myPicker.destroy() Use to destroy Picker instance and remove all events.

Types of Pickers

There are mainly 5 types of pickers:

  • Picker With Single Value
  • Two Values and 3D-Rotate Effect
  • Dependent Values
  • Custom Toolbar
  • Inline Picker / Date-time
Index Picker Description
1) Picker With Single Value It is a powerful component that allows you to pick any values from list.
2) Two Values and 3D-Rotate Effect In the picker you can use for 3D rotate effect.
3) Dependent Values Values are dependent on each other for specified element.
4) Custom Toolbar You can use one or more picker on single page for customize.
5) Inline Picker / Date-time You can select number of values in the inline picker.Like date has date, month, year and time has hours, minutes, seconds.

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