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Framework7 Layouts

Framework7 provides many types of layouts for your application. It supports three types of Navbar/Toolbar layouts:

  • Static Layout
  • Fixed Layout
  • Through Layout

There is another type of layout which is a combination of above three layouts is called Mixed Layout.

Static Layout: This is a mostly used layout-type and includes navbar and toolbar, which can be a scrollable page content and each page contains its own navbar and toolbar.

Fixed Layout: Fixed layout adds its own navbar and toolbar, which can be visible on screen. It cannot be scrollable on page.

Through Layout: In this layout, the navbar and the toolbar are fixed for all pages within single view.

Mixed Layout: It facilitates you to add all the above layouts in a single layout.

No Navbar/Toolbar

To avoid the use of navbar and toolbar, don't include appropriate classes (navbar-fixed, navbar-through, toolbar-fixed, toolbar-through) to page/pages/view.

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